ZK3 is a leader in bringing sustainability to wastewater recycling and reclamation across industrial and municipal markets and applications, utilizing smart chemistry to help partners optimize waste disposal and avoid landfills. But we know there’s more progress to make.


Securing our future

At ZK3, when something works well, our chemists and technicians push forward to make it work even better. As the circular economy approach becomes increasingly important to the industries we serve, our partners can rely on ZK3 to deliver industry-leading sustainability results today — and to challenge ourselves to do even better tomorrow.


“Zk3’s expert chemistry has helped CIRCON boost our wastewater recycling efforts and amplify our commitment to sustainable waste management practices. They’re constantly looking for better solutions — we know we can rely on them to innovate their way to the best result.”

Gary Higginbotham, Sr. VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, CIRCON Environmental