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With ZK3,
win the bid.


At ZK3, our chemistry and equipment help our partners work faster, smarter, and win more business. Mitigate risk, decrease processing time, and save money by minimizing every job’s waste volume.



Zk3’s innovation and industry-leading chemistry brings alternative, superior solutions to the chemical processes our customers rely upon.

Do more with less.

As a provider of both specialty and commodity chemicals, Zk3 does more than warehouse products for quick delivery to clients. (Though we do that, too.) We help you achieve greater results with a smaller dosage of chemicals, thanks to our proprietary products and smart applications that reduce sludge volumes while increasing the efficiency of dewatering equipment. The result? Reduction in transportation and disposal liabilities and costs.

Our industry-leading products

Get to know Zk3’s proprietary products that bring speed and ease to our partners’ projects:


Sustainable absorbents

From cellulose to inorganic absorbents, Zk3 offers a range of materials bagged, palletized, or available in pneumatic bulk tankers and silos.



Polymers, coagulants, wetting agents, and beyond: Zk3 warehouses drums, totes, and bulk ISO containers for recurring and event opportunities.


Virgin and react media

Zk3 maintains a large volume of react capacity with a Texas-based react plant guaranteeing the return of your media.

Reliable support for your everyday needs

Across Zk3’s multiple locations, we warehouse a wide variety of chemicals and products, both commodity and specialty, allowing us to get our customers what they need as quickly as possible. These include:

  • Acids
  • Adsorbents
  • Antiscalants
  • Bases
  • Biocides
  • Coagulants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Dispersants
  • Foam Control
  • Inorganic & Organic Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Surfactants



Our Zk3-built equipment brings efficiency to wastewater processing — no polyboards required.

Zk3’s equipment has the power to open up chemicals’ molecules, enhancing their impact to create the strongest, most effective reaction possible. Our unique fit-for-purpose designs help chemicals cling to solid materials in wastewater, speeding up processing and boosting results.

Embrace our industry-leading technology

Our custom engineering combined with the use of in-house 3D printing capabilities allows Zk3 to produce and ship lightweight, cost-effective equipment to our clients — overnight. Need something original? From carbon and stainless steels to plastics and resins, we can design it, build it, and install it.

Solutions for every material you process

Get to know Zk3’s proprietary products that bring speed and ease to our partners’ projects, no matter the challenge:



When your on-site chemical feed equipment fails, Zk3 overnights the ChemCase to anywhere in the United States, to mitigate downtime. The ChemCase is also used to support traveling or mobile dewatering teams as they chase event business.


Bulk chemical solutions

From ISO tanks and chassis to skid-mounted bulk tanks, Zk3 can support your high-consumption projects and sites while lowering costs for transportation, temporary containers, and washout charges.


Dewatering equipment

Zk3 offers standard dewatering equipment, that has been improved, for rent or purchase, as well as custom-designed and manufactured equipment to fit specific needs.

The tools you know, enhanced by innovation

  • Automated Chemical Feed Systems
  • Belt Press
  • Chemical Aging Systems
  • Custom Wastewater Systems
  • Fan Press
  • Geotextiles
  • Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels
  • Mobile Chemical Feed Systems
  • Mobile Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF/DNF)
  • Plate and Frame Filter Press
  • Recessed Chamber Filter Press
  • Three-Phase Decanter Centrifuges
  • Two-Phase Decanter Centrifuges
  • Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels

*Rental or purchase options available, as well as lease-to-own

“We utilize Zk3’s mobile feed systems and rely on their expertise as they assist with design and implementation of the correct chemical systems. Their engineering team has assisted in the build of multiple long-term sites while considering the size, power and other site constraints, keeping uptime and ease of routine maintenance top of mind. Combined with their field experience, we’re able to service our customers and respond with speed to the many changes our processes see.”

Richard Tyldesley, vice president of U.S. Operations, HPC Industrial Powered by Clean Harbors