What we do

Create the

ZK3 brings innovation to water reclamation across industries. By rethinking the long-accepted approaches to how water is prepared for recycling — and relying on expert chemistry and engineering — we can create new efficiencies and reliable job forecasting while minimizing waste.


Chemicals And Equipment


At ZK3, our chemistry and equipment help our partners work faster, smarter, and win more business.

Have a tough waste stream? We problem-solve for even the trickiest materials that just can’t be broken down, delivering solutions that are fit for purpose. (We’ll save you time and money, too.)

From commodities to equipment, rely on ZK3 to deliver — fast. We can provide:

  • Flocculants (Polymers)
  • Emulsion Breakers
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Silica-Based Filtration Aids
  • “Green”-Based Absorbents
  • Geotubes

Consulting And Services


From lab testing and custom equipment design to on-site trainings that will strengthen your operation for the future, ZK3 provides more than just expertise. We deliver partnership.

Our state of the art lab and in-house engineering capabilities enable Zk3 to deliver custom solutions and consulting to our partners. Trust us to provide:

  • Material identification
  • Waste analytics
  • Treatability based on equipment
  • Onsite sampling and support
  • Vapor recovery
  • Custom consulting
  • Custom equipment
  • Trainings