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From lab testing and custom equipment design to on-site trainings that will strengthen your operation for the future, ZK3 provides more than just expertise. We deliver partnership.

Lab Testing

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At Zk3’s state-of-the-art laboratory, our chemists conduct wastewater testing with precision, following ASTM and API standards.

With each sample tested or identified, an 4-page treatability report is delivered to our partners, detailing the exact chemistry dosage and volume of waste a job will produce and how much water and oil are recoverable, all while guiding you to sustainable disposal methods.

A roadmap for the future

The Zk3 lab doesn’t simply tell you what’s in your waste. We’ll advise you on the best way to manage and treat it, arming you with value-added data that brings insight to every step of a project and empowers you to request change orders when necessary. The impact of this information is two-fold: it will lead you to the best results possible for each individual job and will help you build a database of predictive analytics that will bring insight to future projects for years to come.

Our team’s experience spans industries; working beyond niche markets means we’ve seen a greater variety of samples than just about any operation in mechanical dewatering. Each lesson we’ve learned builds upon our expertise — and your success.

Available simulations:

  • Centrifuge
  • Belt Press
  • Filter Press
  • Fan Press
  • DAF
  • Clarifier

Available tests:

  • BTU w/ Calorimeter
  • Ash content
  • % solids, water, oil by extraction
  • % solids by oven drying
  • % solids by volume with spin out
  • BS&W
  • pH
  • Specific hazardous vapors
  • Specific gravity
  • Chemical requirements & dosages to neutralize and/or process
  • Sour water testing – sulfides, ammonia, etc.
  • Oxidation recipes
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ZK3’s expert curriculum can help our partners’ team members gain vital knowledge and understanding of mechanical dewatering.

Training programs are available for purchase and self-administration, or can be taught in person by ZK3 consultants. Looking for accreditations? We’ll connect you with the most trusted educators.

Preparing for the future

Our industry is full of tenured experts with institutional knowledge. Our trainings ensure that up-and-coming talent has the chance to absorb that vital information, understand how innovation can bring additional value, and start laying the foundation of a smarter, faster, more efficient future.

Available courses:

  • Introduction to Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Separation Technologies
  • Advanced Separation Technologies
  • Industrial Wastewater Chemistry 101
  • Bidding and Managing Separation Processes/Projects

No matter what level of training and education you’re looking for, Zk3 is here to help upskill your team to the next level of expertise. We offer introductory courses on mechanical dewatering chemistry as well as courses on how to run and maintain specific pieces of dewatering machinery. We also provide advanced education and classes for managers and company leaders and training on best practices and considerations when developing technical proposals/quotes. We’ll also work with our partners to build bespoke training programs to fit your every need.

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ZK3’s in-house mechanical engineering team designs all of our proprietary equipment.

Have a unique job that calls for a unique solution? We’ll conduct detailed site visits with our clients’ input and guidance before designing, building, and installing custom equipment to deliver target results.

Custom solutions that boost outcomes

Zk3’s bulk storage offerings bring better support to event work, long-term sites, and centralized locations that support smaller projects. Enhanced by our custom engineering, our storage solutions can bring efficiency to on-site processing, are compatible with our mixing units, and provide increased capacity that ultimately cuts down on the price per pound.

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